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  • " Heather has been instrumental in assisting with a difficult budget process... "

    --Robert, Association Board President
  • " I really appreciated your help ... especially when we needed things in a hurry.  You are really good at what you do and a pleasure to work with. "

    --Bart, Property Manager
  • " Nicole was the one who kept [the contractor] on track financially and saved us.  She is ... good ... to have on your side in a construction project... "

    --Peg, Board Member
  • " Your involvement was SO appreciated….especially when I asked you rather at the last minute. "

    --Gayle, CPA
  • " I appreciate ...Nicole's... positive attitude, consistent super star customer service and ability to diffuse difficult situations... "

    -- Morgan, Association Board Member
  • " Excellent work! You have put... [association name] a very positive position because of your knowledge and hard work. "

    --Jeff, Homeowner
  • " You are so nice to work with. Thank you for all your hard work...I am happy to have you working with us. "

  • " Jean is always very professional and up front with us. Her colleagues and Board of Directors from HOA's think very highly of her too. We would highly recommend her!   "

    --Brian, Landscaping Company Owner
  • " Nicole Lemons displays excellent interpersonal skills and is a highly reliable individual.  A large multi-family remediation project we oversaw in 2011 involving over 200 unit owners was managed by Nicole, with excellent results from her efforts. "

    --M. Savage, VP of Operations, J2 Building Consultants, Inc.
  • " I really appreciate Nicole and her hard work. In particular, her communication. Even if it is just a small "ok", or "got it" or "be there later in the week" - she responds in some manner. She is just a gem and we are all lucky to have her on the team.  "

    --Sheila, Homeowner
  • " Having been on the ... Board for 8 years and going through several management companies, this team of John Brown and Nicole Lemons at Emerald Management are excellent in professionalism and transparency. Where some larger companies say they are, John and Nicole actually walk the talk. Nicole’s commitment to follow-up and follow-through is impressive. The pride she has in her company and commitment to building great partnerships and relationships is very apparent by how those she works with speak about her.  After working with her through some very tough projects, Nicole has expertise in what she says, does what she says she is going to do, follows up to ensure everything is completed as planned, and consistently exceeds expectations. It has been great working with both of them! "

    --Sheila, Board Member for 8 Years
  • " Thank you both for an excellent Annual Meeting last night. I was pleased by the turnout. It was, without a doubt, the most efficiently done annual meeting EVER. Never before have we known that we had quorum nor received the election results as quickly. I have been impressed with Emerald from the beginning and you just keep justifying my faith in you. Again, thank you so very, very much for all that you do so well. Definitely 5 stars! "

    --Harriet, Board Member
  • " Thank you for the excellent service you are providing to our community. When I saw this post below from Joy it didn’t just make my day, it made me feel like my two years on the board were worth it. Such a contrast from the experience of our community members with our last management company. Thank you! "

    --Celeste, Board Member
  • " Thanks so much, Heather, for the AWESOME instructions, etc... The [Association Name] website is pretty good, but your help with this perfect email made all the difference! Seriously, I've been dealing with usernames, passwords, i.d. questions to no end, voicemails that never get response, and on and on....   rant over. Emerald has so far shown excellent work getting [Association Name] moved over to Emerald.  "

    --Steven, Homeowner