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Accounting Services

By using the most up to date web-based association management and accounting system, Emerald Management & Consulting offers state-of-the-art electronic capabilities.

Observing the trend toward mobile and hand-held computing, as well as the significant increase in the use of smart-phones, Emerald Management & Consulting provides strong operational efficiencies which enable us to serve our clients effectively. By organizing and storing information in our cloud-based hosted format, we are capable of providing unlimited storage of electronic community association records. This format can be reviewed from any computer with internet access through a secure password-protected web portal. In addition, remote access is available at no additional cost for tablet or smart phone use.

This software and other partnerships with electronically based organizations allows Emerald Management & Consulting to effectively manage associations using a paperless system.  This system enables the association access to electronic copies of all stored documents for the association just clicks away rather than having to dig through boxes of paper stored at the community.

Our clients benefit from the use of this technology, as it allows owners and Board members real-time access to certain association data.  Each community association has its own personalized, secured web portal that provides different levels of permission to access approved data.

Owners may utilize the web portal to:

  •    Access their own account ledger to view payment history
  •    Make on-line payments utilizing automatic withdrawal or credit cards
  •    Update their personal information
  •    Access and download association documents, including meeting minutes
  •    View community calendar
  •    Review and respond to violation letters posted to their account, as well as request a due process hearings
  •    Request architectural approval for interior projects
In addition to the items above, Board members may:
  •    View monthly financial statements
  •    Approve invoices for payment from reserve accounts
  •    Review and approve violation letters, architectural requests, notices, and other community mailings
  •    Post Board meeting minutes and other documents
  •    Create a community calendar
  •    Create community surveys - and more